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COVID-19 COVID-19 and Other Outbreaks

As of November of 2020, there have been more than 56 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide. While 39 m...

Jan 15 • 2 min read
COVID-19 Are COVID-19 Lockdowns Leading to More Orofacial Pain?

The pandemic has resulted in a stressful time for everyone in the world, and, for many people, this ...

Dec 25 • 1 min read
COVID-19 ADA Finds That Less Than 1% of Dentists Have Tested Positive for COVID

Patients concerned about visiting the dentist during the pandemic may find some reassurance in learn...

Dec 11 • 1 min read
COVID-19 COVID-19 and Periodontitis Can Be Life-Threatening

The link between the mouth and the overall health of the body should not be ignored. Researchers hav...

Aug 28 • 1 min read
COVID-19 Should I Go to My Dental Appointment During COVID-19?

As we endure the COVID-19 pandemic, there are those who are trying to keep from leaving the house wh...

Aug 14 • 1 min read
COVID-19 What should I know about going to the dentist during COVID-19?

Your oral health is directly tied to your overall health, so it's important to maintain it, even dur...

May 28 • 2 min read
COVID-19 Is it safe to go back to the dentist?

Dental practices have been temporarily closed in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but n...

May 14 • 1 min read

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