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Oral Health Oral Health Conditions - Tooth Decay

Oral Health ConditionsYour dentist can point you in the right direction for treatment for many diffe...

Sep 30 • 4 min read
Oral Health I Have Tooth Pain. Could It Be a Cavity?

Unbelievable as it sounds, of adults, 92% have or had at least one cavity. Tooth decay is the most c...

Jan 16 • 2 min read
Oral Health Do We Get More Cavities When We are Older?

Why does it seem like people develop more cavities and have more dental health problems as...

Aug 22 • 1 min read
Oral Health What are Dental Sealants?

Our molars are not the easiest teeth to reach and clean, especially for children. Protecting your ch...

May 22 • 1 min read
Oral Health Thirsty for Answers About Your Dry Mouth? Part 1

Does it seem like you are always thirsty? Does your saliva feel thick or foamy? Are there certain fo...

Oct 2 • 1 min read
Oral Health Oral Health | Tips To Minimize Tooth Decay

Are you troubled by cavities and tooth decay? Cavities are able to cause health problems, pain, and ...

Sep 18 • 1 min read
Health and Wellness Oral Health | Your Dietary Choices - Part Three

In our previous two blog posts, Dr. Hill has discussed some foods that will give your oral health a ...

May 17 • 2 min read

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